Saturday, October 05, 2013

Water babies abound!

Wow! We had a fabulous afternoon. I'll let the pictures speak fo rthemselves.






Happy felters


Below is the concept and samples I made for this workshop.


Felt united day at last!


My ball brausers and I are getting ready for a fun filled afternoon at the Nelson Women's Centre. Today we will wet felt our water themed pictures using my water soluble fusing technique to achieve control and clarity.

At our first workshop four weeks ago we faced the biggest hurdle....... A blank white paper! Ideas from textiles (ok. Laura's dress :-D) the interwebs, coloring books took shape in a small 7x7" square. We then blew those up 140% using a copier.

Two weeks ago we traced our enlarged designs onto the water soluble stabilizer and began needlefelting them.


Today we wet felt them. But here is a sneak preview of the first completed piece.

Bubbles by Marie

"It's Marie, from the felting workshop. I'm sending you the picture of my "piece of art". I wet felted it on my own, so I'm pretty sure it's not perfect at all, but I like it. Thank you again for teeching me, I will make plenty for my future children."

Can't wait to see what other scrumptious treats the day brings.

Roll on #Felt United!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Watch this space

I'm just heading out to the Nelson Women's Centre to do the first of three workshops leading up to Felt United on October 5. This years theme is water. Today is design day. Can't wait to see what emerges.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It's A Peace Felt Day!

I was so fortunate to be paired with Patricia Knight as her giving partner in the Peace Felt exchange. Patricia is a highly skilled and very talented needlefelter. You should take the time to look at her work here and here.

I'm lucky enough to look at it here..... fitting to have this wonderful ethereal rose beneath theTree of Life.

עץ חיים היא



Saturday, September 22, 2012

My day yesterday (and a bit of today too)

On international Peace Day felters around the world take part in Marie Spaulding's PeaceFelt vision. We register. We each have a receiving partner and a giving partner. On International Peace Day we felt. And then we mail our own work off and wait for the postman to deliver someone else's.

Below is my offering for my receiving partner. Mostly completed on the day. Small snafu with the words disappearing - saved with embroidery.


Concept from my sketch book.

8 am Adjust and blow up the pattern




And here we are.


May Peace Rise Like The Sun.

שהשלום יזרח כשמש


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

René Makes My Day

I went in to Ludlow searching for a way to frame up the small piece I brought over for my Auntie Dot. I had with me the piece, a lovely bit of hand died boiled wool I bought in Calgary and just a vague idea of how I wanted it to look.

I couldn't spot a framer's so I popped into The Valentyne Dawes Gallery hoping that someone who sold art could direct me.


There we met René.



He loved my work. Soooo good for the ego! Next thing I knew there he was rooting through the shop's framing supplies.


My Auntie was thrilled!

And would he take proper payment. Heck as like! Barely let me cover the cost of the frame.


Made my day!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Class 3 Raises Their Teepee

This class of 9 & 10 year old kids raised their teepee in reverent silence.



What a privilege it was to work them.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Totem wet felting process

I've been asked how the wet felting process was done so here you go!

My method is to cover the table with plastic, then a layer of bubble wrap, a layer of synthetic lace curtaining, the piece to be felted and finally another layer of lace. The two layers of lace allow me to pick up and move a wet heavy piece without stretching or tearing it while it is still tender. I use COOL water with soap already in it to wet the piece down. I transferred this technique from nuno felting where I use it to slow the process down. This gives inexperienced felters a better shot at success. We worked the piece as a big group by hand to the prefelt stage. Then used warmer water and began rolling. First on a pool noodle withe bubble wrap until we reached proper felt. To full we rolled with a hard stick directly on the felt with a towel around the outside. Now onto photos.