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Dear Helen,
I am hoping that you can help me, I picked up wool the other day for a felting project.  Once I started the knitting I realized that the yarn had soy fiber in it.  Since I was on deadline, I continued my design making the changes so that I would not have to felt the item.  After working with the yarn I have enjoyed the beauty and thickness of the knitted cloth, my head started to design other ideas that are felted.
Can wool/soy be felted?  It seems that it can be from the reading I have done.  I was hoping that you could guide me and give me any pointers that might be needed with a mixed media.
Many many thanks
Marty Hahn
Auburn, New York

Hi Marty,

Thanks for the question.  I do not knit and then felt.  As I have zero experience with that method I can't speak to it specifically.  (Perhaps someone who reads this blog would care to comment?)

That said however I believe the answer should be yes. 

The soy silk itself won't felt but it should allow the wool fibres to migrate through it and hold it in place.

Shalom Study II & III are both soy silk felted with wool.  I first made cornstarch 'paper' out of the soy silk and then cut the word Shalom (in Hebrew) out of the paper.  I place that over my prepared batt of wool and carried on with felting as usual.  I did use cool water to slow the process down giving the soy silk plenty of time to allow the wool to migrate successfully. Anything over 50% wool content should work just fine.

Nothing beats a sample though.  If I were you I would knit up a square from the wool I want to use; felt it using the method I plan to use for the finished article and see what happens. From the sample I would judge how hot the water should be etc.

Good luck

Feel free to ask more questions and definitely send me photos of the results!!

Blessings & Good Cheer

Helen + ilana = Hi 

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