Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

About my boots

Hi's Winter Boots

“Hi Helen, where do you order curling grippers from?  and shoe goop?  do you put something in the boot to hold it down so the glue will stick?   In winter I always start to make slippers, Tash in Oregon”

Hi Tash

Well first since I know someone will ask …..

A curling gripper is worn on one of the shoes of people who enjoy the very Canadian pastime of competitive housekeeping sweeping curling which is like bowling……on ice……. with brooms.

I don’t know why but I’m guessing it’s so you won’t fall down when your other foot which is clad in summat called a slider goes scooting off in front of you.

Curling is soooo popular here in Nelson that we even have one of these


Though for the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone would want to spend 5 of the 10 days of summer we get up here in the Great White North standing on ICE --- but I digress.

I got my grippers at Walmart WallyWorld during curling season (which is to say winter despite the summer thing)

They are made of something that looks like thick rubber. Think tires.

Shoe goop


is a common glue available at Wallyworld, Canadian Tire (home of The Other Colourful Money), Home Hardware etc etc.

I used a very high tech expensive shoe last my foot to hold the boots down while the glue set up.

First I slimed the inside of each gripper. Then I stepped into the boots and then into the grippers.

After which I stood there for about 15 to 20 minutes or so.

Like a lemon, twiddling my thumbs; should’ve had a book handy but didn’t think that far ahead.

I’ve worn the boots through two of our 6 month snow seasons so far. The grippers show no signs of wear what so ever.

Mind you I am a very light weight person. My shoes tend to last so long that I end up retiring them for geriatric fashion crimes.

I got the boots out to check the wear and noticed that the sidewalls of the grippers are coming a bit loose so I’ll add more goop this year. Whilst holding a book.

Blessings & Good Cheer

Helen + ilana = Hi

who notes that while this was a professional blog her posts were dry and humourless.  now y’all get the ‘real’ me (tongue firmly in check cheek).

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