Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pencil Cases

I’ve been making pencil cases as part of a fundraiser for for my son’s Class 8 sailing trip. We have a vast sum of money to raise so these kids can experience

Sound Experience

But I’m having zipper problems. I could only find instructions for inserting zips before you form the bag. 

So I (stubbornly) basted the first one in this way. I put the zip teeth down on the outside of the bag and basted around beginning on the open end but with the zipper closed. When I got to the end I had to open it and force gently ease it ‘round the bend. I carried on ‘til I got back to the beginning.  Then I flipped the zip inside, doing my best to tidy up the mess at either end, and basted it all down again.

DSCF3850 DSCF3849

Looks OK I guess but you lose the funky handmade edges of the felt plus it is very thick.  I want to go around again on the sewing machine so that I know the zipper will stay in but I’m not sure the machine will agree to this thickness especially at the ends.

On bag number two I put the zip inside the bag, closed teeth up, and basted it in on one side.  Then I opened it and went round the other side.  It was easier to keep things neat.  But again I’m not sure the sewing machine will want to go round the end bits.

DSCF3851 DSCF3852

Anyone got any

‘S ??

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Sparx (
No ideas but wow these are lovely! And, yes, I'm in Istanbul as you can see from your international visitors pane... that's me, not some exotic reader of my blog, unfotunately...
November 14, 2008, 12:01:10 AM

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Sparx = why're ya in Istanbul!?
November 15, 2008, 7:06:44 PM