Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Birdie In The Hand

I received this question:

I found you on the web and enjoyed looking at your blog/web page.

Am curious about your "little birdie". Is this a print on felt you 
have made and if so how did you print on the felt.

If you will share I will appreciate it.



At first I thought Sandy wanted to know about this birdie.

fold art birdie

Which was created by laying the picture out dry and felting it together.  The house is cut out of commercial prefelt. (Fibre Fusion Marino Prefelt available in Canada through Dreamspin Fibres-no affiliation just a satisfied customer)

I didn’t have any prefelt in the exact colours I wanted to use for the bird so I tried something new.  I laid out some fibre in a square just a bit bigger than I wanted to use.  Then I dry felted them slightly by just holding them between my palms and rubbing in a small circular motion with a far bit of pressure.  Then I cut my shape out of that.  It worked remarkably well, giving edges nearly as crisp as the prefelt did. Great technique for small areas.

I added embroidery just to give clarity to the forms – something I often do for the viewer.

But when I checked my blog roll for new posts I noticed this:

 Felting In Fibrespace Blog Link

And guess what?

Beth did print her birdie on felt!  With summat called a Gocco.  To read about it on her blog – just click on the birdie.

(I googled the gocco – scary – just what I need another cool craft to take up – NOT!)

So there ya go Sandy.  I hope that answers your question – which ever it was!

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Anonymous said...

fibrespace (
Thanks for the mention, the gocco is a wonderful piece of equipment, but sadly they are about to stop making them, so I need to start stocking up on supplies!

February 21, 2009, 10:28:15 AM