Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What’s that buzzing sound in the Studio???

Chrissy writes:

Hi I was just reading your blog and I am very curious about using a power tool to felt.  I haven't been knitting/felting long, but I am always looking for new stuff to play with.  What is this magic gadget of which you speak, how does it work and where can I get one???
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours in fibre

Nothing too mysterious – it’s a mouse!


fitted with a hard plastic felting foot that I bought from Carol Marston at Hat Shapers.  They don’t make a foot for the Black & Decker anymore but they do make one for the Ryobi Corner Mouse.

I love it for getting wool to grab other fibres like silk, rayon, bamboo that I often include in my felting. It’s great for nuno felting too though I am still partial to rolling & throwing.

What I use it for most is independence!  I am a very small person so this saves me waiting for The Mench to come home and help me out!

Here’s a great post by Making Groovy Things that explains the use of sanders really well!

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