Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Mae West of Purses

When Julie Williams came through on her ‘Felting-My-Way-Around-The-World’ tour I had the great good fortune to host her for several days. 

She gifted me with several new skills: gossamer thin felt with laminated embellishments; delicate 3d felt roses; purses with both laminated linings and roses; and the importance of chocolate and wine to all felting endeavors.

I made the purse below with her.  But  I’ve never used it because the original handles didn’t function to my liking.  We had made one really short and the other quite long thinking that you’d be able to thread the long one through the short one as a sort of closure to the purse.  But both were anchored at the sides of the purse so in reality the closure idea failed.  So it wouldn’t close or hang right from the one long handle.

Then for a long time I thought about turning it into a vase because it was so curvaceous.

This week I decided that I really wanted it to be a purse so ………….


I got out the scissors and made some changes.  I cut both handles off altogether, bored a hole through each side of the purse and threaded the longer of the two handles through it.

IMG_0903 Then I added a little zip!!
And finally added
a grand zipper pull

with the kind assistance of Janette Mulloy

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