Monday, October 26, 2009

Slippers on Shoe Lasts

I don’t know what took me so long to get around to making a pair of shoe lasts for myself.  Every time I teach slippers I make slippers – and every time I get an achy back from bending over to use my feet for lasts!  This time around I decided to teach making lasts as part of making the slippers – and save everyone’s backs!

Oh and speaking of a sore back.  Never make your own lasts without help! Ask me why not.

So here are the newest additions in my ever growing slipper wardrobe

IMG_1435 I used a resist and felted the booties down until they were close to the size of my last.
Then I fitted each bootie to its last.  The process was much quicker because I could drop the whole thing on the tabletop as well as slap and pummel away. IMG_1436
IMG_1442 Here we are with one nearly done and one to go.
Haven’t I seen something like this before? IMG_1441
image Oh yeah right!


Now the slippers are complete

I really should get something to eat

All that work and my back is fine. 

I had a whale of a time!



Anonymous said...

Susan (
Fantastic!! Wonderful! Lovely that you shared this.. Great Blog..

Abigail Thomas said...

what are you lasts made of? looks like tin foil...?

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

The lasts are made of duck(sic) tape and yes they do always make me think of the tin man from Oz!

goecker said...

I just saw this post. Great idea. I knit and felt down to the size I need. Will you please tell me how you make the forms to put the slippers on while they dry? Were they part of a maniquin.