Saturday, December 19, 2009

And speaking of Ilene……..

Ilene sent me her slipper pix at the beginning of November but I’ve been sooooo busy I haven’t been blogging.  Tonight I finally got around to posting those photos and then went off to party.

And what do I find in my inbox on my return?

Funny you should ask:

Hi Ilana, my felting group was inspired to take a compilation photo of
all our slippers for you. There are some beauties in there! Some used
merino, some used combinations of fibers. The front center pair by Judy
were felted in white merino, painted with dye, and steamed to set. Wish
you could join our club, we'd have fun. :) We in Maryland are enjoying 
almost two feet of powdery blustery beautiful snow today. A new
historical record for December in Maryland, apparently. Hope you had a
happy Hanukkah.

And here is her wonderful picturephoto

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