Sunday, December 20, 2009

More From The Junk Mail Wilderness

Hi there~!
I somehow came across one of your posts while looking up felting.
I was looking for "natural toys" online for my kids, and on one website, there was a a "felting kit" and then some random balls of wool, pieces of wool for kids to felt.  I was curious and I am still trying to figure out what it is....
My daughter is very artistic, and I think it may be something fun for her to learn.  If you could provide me with some insight as to what it is, that would be great!

Note to self:  try to teach email client that anything regarding felt or felting should not be consigned to the junkmail dungeon.

Well Ulanda, my favourite definition of felting was written by Willow Mullins.

“Felt harnesses the chaos of tangles”

To do that you can either wet felt or needlefelt.

In wet felting you carefully lay out unspun fleece, add water, soap and agitation to create a non-woven fabric. This can done to make a 2 dimensional object like a wall hanging or a 3 dimensional object like a purse. Several of the posts on my blog can help you to learn this process. Or you could watch the wonderful how-to videos posted by Terry Pike at

In needlefelting, the same result is achieved using barbed needles. This process is more often used to embellish existing articles or to create sculpture though you certainly can use it for the items described above.

I don’t think any of my posts go into the process much.  Basically you just get a needle or needles and poke the wool, a lot.  But there are plenty of posts showing examples of my sculpture.

You couldn’t find finer instruction in the art of wool sculpture than the videos at Kay Petal’s youtube channel.

You don’t say how old your daughter is but I started my sons felting at the age of 5 & 3.  First with wet felting but that was only because I hadn’t yet heard of needlefelting! They are both accomplished feltmakers though now in their teens interest is waning.

I’d look for felting kits or supplies in your neck of the woods and find one that appeals to your daughter’s taste in both colour and object.  I’m sure she’ll love it.

And gentle reader if you sell just such a kit or pattern and you think Ulanda should have look at your wares then leave a link in the comments!


Leah said...

I make felting kits designed specifically for children - balls, purses, geodes, soaps and even felt flowers though the last kit takes a bit of patience. My etsy shop is

Ulanda said...

Thank You for all the great info and your time! I had given up hope in finding a response,lol. And to Leah, I have you saved under my favorites and am sure I will make a purchase after we recover from Christmas ;-)
Definetley something I am interested in for my daughter, and myself.

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Hey Ulanda, glad you found the reply. YYou should have a look at this latest ppost by Nicola