Sunday, August 08, 2010

An Afternoon With Andrea Graham

Whenever we go on a trip I try to find an opportunity to have a wooly experience.  Last year I found Faith Hagenhofer just outside of Seattle.  This year I went to Toronto which is really close to the tiny town Andrea Graham lives in.

I shared the afternoon with my friend Louise.


Louise and I met in uni where we studied dance together. My dance story ended there but Louise went on to open her own dance school.  Multi faceted and multi talented, Louise also owns a sewing school with several locations! 

We live at opposite ends of the country now and only manage to meet rarely.

One of our traditions when we do meet is that I drag her off to do some artsy thing she’s never done before but that I’m currently crazy about.

Enter Andrea Graham stage left.

No, seriously, that’s her on the left steaming a very happy Louise’s new bag!




I made a tiny vessel.

All in just a shade under 3.5 hours!

We then went along to Maureen at Dreamspin Fibres – where sadly I forgot my camera in the car.

Yes I added to my stash but Louise…………………

Louise created a stash in one fell swoop!

Another felting fool joins the crowd!

PS A heartfelt thanks to Louise’s devoted husband, Pierre, who drove us out to Andrea’s, went sight seeing (and napping) while we felted, picked us up and drove us on to Maureen’s, did more sight seeing (and napping) while we chose our goodies and finally drove us back into the city during rush hour traffic!


Shalana, the funky felter said...

Beautiful vessel! I adore Andrea's work. It is wonderful that you were able to felt with her :)

FeltersJourney said...

What a wonderful afternoon! Isnt it fun bringing a friend over to 'the dark side' lol. Your vessel is really lovely.