Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Workshop

I taught a 3-d workshop with Geraldine this past weekend.


We had 3 enthusiastic students.  This time we both made projects while we taught. 

Usually I don’t do that but with so few students and all adults it seemed ok to do. 


It was loads of fun and I got some great images with my new camera.

Anna cutting into her teacozy to remove the resist Anna's painterly tea cozy side one Anna's painterly tea cozy side two
Barbara removing her resist. Already quite a bit smaller than the original pattern Barbara's Tea Cozy side two
Trina bravely cutting into her project - a cushion cover.

I didn’t get a shot of Trina’s completed project which is a real shame.  It was very lovely!

Turning the project inside out after cutting
My cushion cover just before I removed the main resist.  You can see it buckling inside. There is a second smaller resist under the purple circle. Opening the second resist to make a flower I placed the project in the centre of the orginal pattern to display the shrinkage
This is the only photo of Geraldine’s project Geraldine's Tea Cozy ready for cutting into


which had a very different pattern inside!

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Trudis said...

Very nice workshop!