Saturday, April 30, 2011

Felting with The Mench

My darling hubby helped me get the rhythm going for stomping that felt into submission.


martine said...

When I made a nuno baby blanket my daughter and I rolled it back and forth to each other across the living room all evening, it's always good to have someone share the work:-)
much love

Unknown said...

This is great Helen! What a great rhythm...Does your song work with the strong beats? The children you are working with will really be able to use that rhythm to get into the felting, and felt well! Thanks for posting your is great to see and hear! Warm wishes, Fiona

Helen + ilana - Hi said...

Martine - that reminds of when I first learned to felt. I made felted balls with hidden treasures inside for my (then) 5 year old son's b'day party. The party goers and I sat in a circle chanting and tossing the balls to each other.

Fiona - Since drumming is big in our community I'm thinking I'll have one of the Dad's come in to drum!