Friday, April 22, 2011

ROLL ON MAY (pun fully intended)

Next month I will making a 3’ X 5’ felted mural (finished size) with class 3/4 at the Nelson Waldorf School. The class teacher has chosen a Tree of Life theme. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about this opportunity. I’ve never actually made anything that large so I’ve been doing my due diligence in preparation.

I decided to use a white prefelt background. I was able to source the same prefelt used by Maggie and Kathleen to create the walls of their Cosmic House. I know that this prefelt turns into a deliciously solid felt with a wonderful hand.

Last summer when I had the great good fortune to study with Andrea Graham in her amazing home studio. I used a C-1/Pelsul mix to make this tiny vessel.


Because I had this project simmering on my back burner we talked a lot that day about wools that felt well and would be great to use when working with children.

I hadn’t yet talked the teacher into it yet – but knew that I would Winking smile. So I chose sample packs of short fibre merino and a C-1/Pelsul mix which I ordered from New England Felting Supply to test.

I also bought some sumptuous Malabrigo yarn to use for the bark of the tree.  What I needed now was some trained parent volunteers to help me bring success to this class of 22 enthusiastic students.

Last weekend I taught a mini-rug making workshop to 5 parent volunteers and the teacher. If the classroom experience is half the fun that workshop was I’ll be walking on air in May.

Have a gander at these 6 amazing layouts

image image image
image image image

Teaching felting is my favourite thing to do. I cannot adequately express the gratitude & joy I feel at being allowed to witness the process of creation as it emerges from others.  Not to mention the shear delight and the giggling….


One parent had to leave early but here are the 5 completed mini-rugs I do have pictures of. I’ll add Erica’s if I can later.

image      image image
image image  

The big wool order left customs yesterday according to USPS – now I’m just waiting for Canada Post to pass it hand to hand across this vast country. Black Sheep

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