Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canada Day Felt Good

Got together with girlfriends to felt.

They both made baby slippers. We all used fibre from New England Felting Supply.

Geraldine made hers with c1/pelsul:   image image

Joanne made hers with short fibre merino:

image image

I used both and made a complex bag with integrated handle and two pockets – one for my iphone and the other for my car keys – the two things I lose most often in the depths of my handbag.

image image

image image

The pockets were intended to be on the outside but after felting the bag knew I had it wrong so I acquiesced and turned the whole thing inside out – and Viola (sp intended!)


A place for everything.

The gussets I set in to give the bag a great shape from the outside look a bit odd from the inside. don’t they? But they will disappear once the bag is full believe me!

I used a fabric stiffener when I made these crowns

image image

I’m thinking that I might use it on the bottom of this back and the gussets to really set them in permanently. I’ll see when the bag dries if it needs that.

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Ginny Huber said...

I'm catching up with logs today and have seen yours backward..the finished bag first. I like seeing how you constructed this..I am about to make one (soon using new England felting Supplies very wools..and following a bag I made at a recent least hopefully. it is very possible that my pockets will have to be turned inside out too!