Saturday, October 22, 2011

PeaceFelt 2011–Begifted

Lisa sent me an absolutely stunning yellow scarf – Look!


I feel humbled by the intimacy of Lisa’s sharing about her process. With her permission I pass it forward to you all. But I’ll warn you first, you should have tissues at the ready:


I hope you like this scarf, which I think of as the Peace Ribbon scarf. I had originally planned a different project for my Peace Felt contribution, but it just wasn’t working for me. Then, in the first week of September I was strolling along Fifth Avenue and was yellow memorial ribbons fluttering from a fence around the Marble Collegiate Church at Twenty-ninth Street.  Those fluttering ribbons brought me back to the painful weeks ten years ago, when “strolling” anywhere in Manhattan just no longer seemed possible. But in one of my walks after 9-11, as I tried to digest just what had happened in a city I love, trying to come to grips with the only true terror I had ever experienced, I looked up and saw a line of golden ribbons dancing in the breeze – they seemed to glow in the fall sunshine. And for a moment I felt at peace again, knowing that amidst true terror, true beauty can still exist.

To me, those ribbons, inscribed with the names of those lost that day, and now with the names of those lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, are bright spots of peace in a violent world. When I saw them again, I scratched my original idea, and on 9-11, as I listened to the reading of the names, I began this scarf. It just seemed fitting. I never expected to get as much from the Peace Felt project, but I am glad I went for it.

Nor I.

My sincerest thanks Lisa!

Blessings & Good Cheer

B’Shalom v’simcha

Helen + ilana = Hi

בשלום ושמחה




Yvette said...

what a moving story, what a deeply felt feltscarve.

strange I wrote a log about soldiers too today.

Have you read incencredibly loud and extremely close by jonathan safran foer....

Terry said...

What a beautiful story! The scarf is beautiful. I, too, joined Marie's Peace Felt project this year. It was my first year too, but something I plan to do again next year. My piece came from Belgium.