Monday, June 04, 2012

Totem wet felting process

I've been asked how the wet felting process was done so here you go!

My method is to cover the table with plastic, then a layer of bubble wrap, a layer of synthetic lace curtaining, the piece to be felted and finally another layer of lace. The two layers of lace allow me to pick up and move a wet heavy piece without stretching or tearing it while it is still tender. I use COOL water with soap already in it to wet the piece down. I transferred this technique from nuno felting where I use it to slow the process down. This gives inexperienced felters a better shot at success. We worked the piece as a big group by hand to the prefelt stage. Then used warmer water and began rolling. First on a pool noodle withe bubble wrap until we reached proper felt. To full we rolled with a hard stick directly on the felt with a towel around the outside. Now onto photos.

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