Saturday, September 22, 2012

My day yesterday (and a bit of today too)

On international Peace Day felters around the world take part in Marie Spaulding's PeaceFelt vision. We register. We each have a receiving partner and a giving partner. On International Peace Day we felt. And then we mail our own work off and wait for the postman to deliver someone else's.

Below is my offering for my receiving partner. Mostly completed on the day. Small snafu with the words disappearing - saved with embroidery.


Concept from my sketch book.

8 am Adjust and blow up the pattern




And here we are.


May Peace Rise Like The Sun.

שהשלום יזרח כשמש



FeltersJourney said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am sure your partner will love it

Unknown said...

Beautiful, rich and layered! I loved following your process along from concept to completion!

Unknown said...

Stunning!! I also participated for my 3rd year. Many lovely felters in this world!!