Saturday, October 05, 2013

Felt united day at last!


My ball brausers and I are getting ready for a fun filled afternoon at the Nelson Women's Centre. Today we will wet felt our water themed pictures using my water soluble fusing technique to achieve control and clarity.

At our first workshop four weeks ago we faced the biggest hurdle....... A blank white paper! Ideas from textiles (ok. Laura's dress :-D) the interwebs, coloring books took shape in a small 7x7" square. We then blew those up 140% using a copier.

Two weeks ago we traced our enlarged designs onto the water soluble stabilizer and began needlefelting them.


Today we wet felt them. But here is a sneak preview of the first completed piece.

Bubbles by Marie

"It's Marie, from the felting workshop. I'm sending you the picture of my "piece of art". I wet felted it on my own, so I'm pretty sure it's not perfect at all, but I like it. Thank you again for teeching me, I will make plenty for my future children."

Can't wait to see what other scrumptious treats the day brings.

Roll on #Felt United!


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