Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And would you believe it I've finished week 3 as well

That's because I only did two pieces! Two really fun pieces.


This is inclusions under silk gauze. Seed beads (loose, not sewn), sequins, shiny disks (that peeled and deformed - to good effect) and some novelty ribbon yarn. The shine peeling off the disks started with the rubbing but the deformities were acquired in the microwave. You read that right. I use room temperature water for my felting but when I am past the prefelt stage and ready to shock the wool I dip the work into the water and heat the wet piece in the microwave. (I have a studio microwave used only for wool or dying - not for food). I've never done loose beads before. What fun! The one piece is good for the purposes of the class but this is something I know I will return to.

Another passion of mine is making folk art pictures which I then embroider. For this exercise in resist inclusions I decided to make a nursery picture. The resists are cotton from the kit (big flower), boiled wool fabric (stems), silk cocoon halves (tulips), 100% wool craft felt (roof and pathway) and silk habotia over merino prefelt (house). The fine base layer was made from leftover prefelt I made out of short fibre merino bats from New England Felting Supply for a Waldorf School project.

All of that was overlaid with the heavier weight of silk that was in the course kit. The merino background worked it's was through everything except the habotia. I think it would have come through there as well if I hadn't backed the habotia with a fairly thick pice of prefelt.

Time for a massage and a few days of rest work.


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FeltersJourney said...

I always use the microwave too :) It's really useful. A bit scary once or twice though when I forgot there was some metal thread in the silk sari I'd felted in and it started to crackle and spark!
Deborah x