Monday, April 28, 2014

Week one redo

I know , I know I should have moved on to week two. And I have. But ............ the irony.


I was unhappy with this on more than one level. First and foremost there is the central photo refusing to behave. Then the whole stopping at prefelt stage since clearly things were going from bad to worse.

I have been sticking to the idea of making samples of each technique in the same size. (Though the further behind I get the more tempting it becomes to make larger pieces with multiple ideas on each one) But the idea was to have a sort of set and this piece was a fly in my ointment.

So I decided to remove the photo. Interestingly part of the surrounding silk fabric was so well felted in already that it tore rather than leave the piece. Any road here is the the rework.


That said, I just received a package of ExtravOrganza from Maiwa. The print has to dry overnight before I can try again.

Week four you are somewhere in my distant future! I promise.


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