Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week two completed at last.


The week began with an exercise using slow felting wools to crate dime tigon underneath faster felting wool.


I used the slow felters to make a snake, varying sizes of balls and a flat thick disk. Since the slow felter was white this also was a bit of an exercise in highlighting as well.

The highlighting worked just right on the snake and the disk but not all the balls were not actually sufficiently covered so on two rather than highlighting the cover just got thin.




Next up was bauble inclusions. Here we have silk cocoon halves, marbles and a beautiful lacquered Chinese bead.

I've done lots of this in the past so this was a breeze and really fun to do.

I'm really glad I finally found a home for the big bead. It's been in my collection waiting for a really long time.




Being somewhat pressed for time I decided to use prefelt to facilitate the pockets and tubes exercise. Then perversely chose to introduce fabric manipulation into the centre layer.


The pussy willows are resting in a double pocket with flap. I don't know why I left such a large blank spot above the pockets.


Because of the large fabric inclusion it took a good deal of coaxing to get this piece down to size.




Here we have craters.


I chose to try different shapes as well as different materials. The pods have medium weight silks with fine merino designs on top. The star has a gem in it's belly. The centre crater has A&W shiny synthetic fabric I once used in a haloween costume to make a tutu. The final crater has light weight silk.





I was surprised by how well the painters tape resist stuck to the base layer in this exercise.

Here again I used shadowing as well as a coarser base layer under the showier layer.

The box effect was created by basting the corners until the piece was dry. Wool will hold almost any shape it dries in. Having learned from experience I used hot pink thread so I would be able to find it later to get it out!



I only made 5 week two pieces but could easily make many many more than that. Inclusions and odd resists are one of my favourite things to play with when felting. Fabric manipulation is also a favourite although I would say that I do not always have success with that one.

On to week three........


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Great post! Love seeing all these technique samples :)
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