Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prayer Offering 2014

As you may know Marie Spaulding has restructured her Peace Felt intiative this year. New and improved the movement can now be found on Face Book!

Sadly one of our members had to withdraw because her 12 year old daughter sustained life threatening injuries in an altercation with a car.

She is expected to spend the best part of the next year in a hospital bed. Marie has asked all the members who feel moved to do so to send some work centered around the heart to send to the child's mother to decorate her room with the intention of wellness.

The small banner I have made sends the wish for a Swift Recovery to little Meg in The Netherlands.

I know it to be true that those who are prayed for have better outcomes - whether they know they are the object of our thoughts or not. I'd be honoured if you would add your thoughts or prayers, if that is your practice, to mine so the banner reaches Meg and her mom infused with healing energy.

With gratitude for all my blessings,

Helen + אילנה = Hi


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Marie Spaulding said...

Many blessings to you, Helen and your lovely banner. Thank you for your heart centered participation in Peace Felt and in this loving extension to Meg, Kim and the family. ~ Love, Marie