Sunday, November 02, 2014

Peace Felt 2014

This post is really late. Apparently working full time eats into one' stone for other things, like blogging. Who knew?

I received amazing needled images of two family members from Petra Melis in Greece. She used to photos from my personal blog of my jet black Pomeranian, Hiro, unsuccessfully trying to keep my Lynx Point Siamese bully kitten from stealing his doggy mat. Here's is her wonderful work. Look carefully! Two of those photos are the real McCoys!

Check out more of her work at

My own work went to Jo Ann Viola-Manzone


Jo Ann's stunning work can be seen at

The Facebook members page is filled with thoughtful, skilled and caring pieces from around the globe. It was an honour to be involved.


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Unknown said...

That is really impressive, just keep them away from their muses!